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I've read along with these books:

For Gravity's Rainbow, please rate the following things:
Hated it Didn't like it It was fine Liked it Loved it
Quality of posts
Quality of discussion/comments
Frequency of posting

Pacing of the read was:

Would you be likely to participate in another intinitezombies group read?

Rank your interest in these books for another group read some time far in the future.

Drag and drop the book you'd be most interested in to the top of the list and rank downward from there.

  • The Tunnel, by William Gass
  • Underworld, by Don Delillo
  • Oblivion, by David Foster Wallace
  • Short story collections of George Saunders
  • JR, by William Gaddis
  • The Recognitions, by William Gaddis

I would be interested in contributing posts for a future read.

If you said in the question above that you'd be interested in contributing, please give me your email address.

Any other comments or suggested titles for future reads?

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